Beatrice: Rolf's cow.

Bridget and Gertrude: Rolf's hens.

Bobo: Rolf's pet giant clam.

Dog: Minor animal characters.

Eddy's pet fish: Eddy's first pets.

Eels of Forgiveness: Rolf's tradition of forgiveness which Ed is allergic to.

Fish and Chips: Jimmy's pet goldfish who recieved babies.

Hippos: The animals which ran over Eddy.

Lobsters: Animals of the Creek which invaded Rolf's garden.

Mildred: One of Edd's pet spider.

Rabbits: Rolf's pets which gave Ed an allergy.

Rooster: Rolf's chicken which tries to seize Eddy.

Seagulls: Animals which Eddy has a strong intense dislike on them for stealing a quarter.

Skunk: The animal which sprayed on Eddy during his curse.

Snake: The minor animal character of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Turtle: The minor animal character appeared on Ed's head.

Victor: Rolf's male goat with a teat gene hidden and revealed.

Wilfred: Rolf's pig which Rolf uses for transportation.

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