Adults: The minor unseen characters.

Bastain: One of Rolf's brothers.

Butch, Bubba and Rod: The Kanker Sisters' step dads.

Ed's Aunt: Ed's unseen family member.

Ed's Dad: the dad of Ed and Sarah.

Ed's Mom: the mom of Ed and Sarah.

Edd's Dad: The dad of Edd.

Edd's Mom: The mom of Edd.

Eddy's Dad: The dad of Eddy and Eddy's Brother.

Eddy's Mom: The mom of Eddy and Eddy's Brother.

Eddy's Grandpa: The grandpa of Eddy.

Gretchen: The young woman from the Old Country.

Hyuck: Hyuck was Eddy's pen pal of school.

James: The minor character shown in the medical file.

Jimmy's Dad: The dad of Jimmy.

Jimmy's Mom: The mom of Jimmy.

The Kanker Sisters' Mom: The Kankers' mom who has a strong dislike on men.

Kevin's Dad: The dad of Kevin who works in a jawbreaker factory.

Marion: The aunt of Nazz.

Rolf's Dad: The dad of Rolf.

Rolf's Mom: The mom of Rolf.

Nana: The grandma of Rolf.

Great Nana: The great grandma of Rolf.

Great Nano: The great grandpa of Rolf.

Yonick: The minor unseen character of the show.

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